Streamline your communication strategy with our Unified Communications platform, integrating voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools for seamless connectivity and productivity.

Mobile and Desktop Applications

Enhancing accessibility, allowing users to make and receive calls from anywhere, providing seamless communication.

Inteligent Call Routing

Revolutionise your customer service with our Intelligent Call Routing system, designed to connect your clients with the right representative swiftly and efficiently.

90 Day Free call recording storage

Enhance your business insights and quality control with our Call Recording Storage solution, offering easy management and access to your vital call data.

Wall Board/Call Stats

Our wall boards offer live insights into your sales team's call stats, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and boost performance in real-time!

We Design and deploy networks from the ground up

Where connectivity, speed, and reliability converge to deliver powerful network solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're looking to overhaul an existing network or starting from scratch, our expertise will ensure that your operations stay online, efficient, and productive.

IT & Cloud

  • IT Support

    Our IT Support provides swift, expert solutions to technical issues, ensuring smooth business operations with expert assistance ensuring your users have minimal downtime.

  • Remote Monitoring & Management

    This service proactively manages your IT infrastructure, offering early issue detection and optimal system performance, enhancing productivity with minimal need for onsite presence.

  • Cyber Security

    Our Cyber Security services protect against diverse digital threats, utilizing the latest technologies and strategies to safeguard your data and maintain a secure online presence.

Cloud Licensing

Unlock the full potential of your business with our Cloud Licensing solutions, tailor-made for seamless integration and maximum efficiency in today's dynamic digital landscape

Broadband & Connectivity

Experience superior internet performance with our Broadband & Connectivity solutions, offering super fast, reliable connections for all your business needs.

  • Fibre

    Unleash the potential of your business with our ultra-fast Fibre broadband, offering unparalleled speeds and reliability to power your digital operations and drive growth

  • 4G & 5G Solutions

    Stay ahead in the fast-moving digital world with our advanced 4G & 5G Solutions, delivering lightning-fast connectivity and enhanced mobility to keep your business agile and connected everywhere.

  • IOT

    Transform your business operations with our IoT solutions, leveraging the power of connected devices to gather insights, improve efficiency, and open new avenues for innovation and growth

Business Mobiles

Get in touch with our team of experts today to discuss your company's mobile needs and learn how Amicus Networks can help you stay connected and competitive. With our comprehensive range of services and unbeatable network flexibility, you can trust us to provide the perfect mobile solution for your business.

  • Two Networks - One Account & Bill

    We can offer Vodafone and O2 on the same account and same bill meaning your employees can choose the network they prefer.

  • Unlimited 5G Data Plans

    Unlimited 5G and 4G data plans meaning you can use you your data and not have to worry about limits

  • E-SIMS

    Provide your employees with the option to take a E-SIM plan meaning they can use their own handset with corporate SIM card. This reduces the companies monthly costs and promotes employee happiness

Our Network Partners:

Simplified Billing

All Services - One Bill

Simplify your telecom & IT expense with Amicus Networks, one bill for all your services.

  • All Services One Bill

    Streamline expenses with one bill for all services, simplifying budget management and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Get actionable insights with detailed reports on telecom and IT spending, empowering informed business decisions.

  • Online Billing Portal

    Conveniently access and manage your telecom and IT bills online, anytime, with our secure portal.

Our Product Offering

Explore Our Product Offering, a comprehensive suite of telecom and IT solutions, engineered to empower your business with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service.

Phone Systems

Elevate your business communication with our cutting-edge Business Phone Systems, designed to streamline your operations and enhance client interactions, ensuring you're always connected in today's fast-paced world.

Business Mobiles

Stay ahead in the game with our Business Mobiles, offering unparalleled connectivity and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your team can perform optimally, anytime and anywhere

Broadband & Connectivity

Experience lightning-fast Broadband & Connectivity solutions tailored for your business needs, providing the speed and reliability essential for driving your company's digital transformation

Networks & WiFi

Our robust Networks & WiFi solutions guarantee seamless connectivity across your workspace, enabling efficient and uninterrupted business operations in a hyper-connected world

IT Support

Rely on our comprehensive IT Support services to minimize downtime, optimize system performance, and keep your business running smoothly, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best

Cyber Security

Secure your digital assets with our advanced Cyber Security services, offering the latest in protection technology to safeguard your business against evolving cyber threats and ensure data integrity.


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