Seamless Connectivity, Flawless Performance

Starting with a blank canvas? Excellent! Amicus Networks excels in designing and implementing network solutions from the ground up. We will work closely with your team to understand your business needs and tailor a network solution that ensures seamless wifi throughout your premises.

From setting up secure wifi access points to deploying state-of-the-art network hardware, we handle everything to make sure that your operations are not just online, but also secure, efficient, and ready for future growth

  • Design

    Our experts create customised UniFi network designs tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

  • Install

    Experience seamless and professional installation of UniFi networks, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency for your business.

  • Deploy

    We deliver rapid and reliable deployment of UniFi networks at your site, ensuring immediate and robust connectivity to power your operations.

Powerful Insights

Powerful Insights

Full Visibillity

Achieve unparalleled visibility into your network with detailed monitoring of users' devices and their activity, allowing for informed decision-making and proactive management.

Block Applications or Websites

Enhance productivity and bolster security by easily blocking unwanted applications or websites, creating a safer and more efficient network environment.

Investigate Issues

Understand, diagnose, and resolve network issues with comprehensive insights into client activity, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Security Notifications

Stay ahead of emerging threats with instant, real-time security alerts and automated blocking, keeping your network secure and your data protected.

The Power of Full Fibre & Failover Solutions

At Amicus Networks, we believe that your business deserves the best. That's why we offer full fibre solutions that ensure ultra-high-speed connectivity, enabling your team to work at peak efficiency. But we don't stop there.

Understanding the critical importance of staying connected, we provide seamless failover backup solutions. Our robust backup systems ensure that even in the unlikely event of a primary network failure, your business stays online and operational.

You can count on Amicus Networks' failover solutions for continuous connectivity, minimal downtime, and uninterrupted business operations.

Always Connected

We offer a full seamless mesh WiFi meaning one WiFi network and when moving between rooms or floors you always have perfect WiFi without needing to disconnect and reconnect to the nearest wireless access point.

Seamless Switchover

Are you covered if your broadband goes down? With our failover solution should your main broadband connection go down it will automatically switch to the backup connection meaning you stay online, once the main connection is resolved it will automatically switch back to the primary service with no manual intervention.


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